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Upcoming IPO GMP Today – Latest IPO GMP Today

Checkout the most recent or latest data on forthcoming IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP). In the below list we have included list of IPOs with their opening, closing and listing date, their Price offered, GMP and their Gain or Loss Percentage.

IPO CompanyIPO PriceIPO GMP (Live)IPO Open DateIPO Close DateIPO Status
Medicamen Organics NSE SME341721-Jun25-JunUpcoming
Stanley IPO36910021-Jun25-JunUpcoming
EnNutrica BSE SME54--20-Jun24-JunUpcoming
Aasaan Loans IPO1203019-Jun21-JunUpcoming
Falcon Technoprojects India NSE SME92--19-Jun21-JunUpcoming
Durlax Top Surface NSE SME68--19-Jun21-JunUpcoming
DEE Development Engineers IPO2034119-Jun21-JunUpcoming
GEM Enviro BSE SME754019-Jun21-JunUpcoming
GPES Solar NSE SME9413014-Jun19-JunOpen
United Cotfab BSE SME702013-Jun19-JunOpen
ixigo IPO933610-Jun12-JunClosed
3C IT BSE SME52--4-Jun7-JunClosed
Magenta Lifecare BSE SME35155-Jun7-JunClosed
Sattrix BSE SME121355-Jun7-JunUpcoming
Kronox Lab Sciences IPO136283-Jun5-JunClosed
Associated Coaters BSE SME1217530-May3-JunClosed
TBI Corn NSE SME947131-May4-JunClosed
Ztech India NSE SME1105829-May31-MayClosed
Aimtron Electronics NSE SME1617530-May3-JunClosed
Beacon Trusteeship NSE SME6010028-May30-MayClosed
GSM Foils NSE SME32824-May28-MayClosed
Vilas Transcore NSE SME14711027-May29-MayClosed
Awfis Space Solutions IPO38311322-May27-MayClosed
Hariom Atta & NSE SME4814516-May21-MayClosed
Rulka Electricals NSE SME23541016-May21-MayClosed
Go Digit General IPO2723015-May17-MayClosed
Quest Laboratories NSE SME972015-May17-MayClosed
Indian Emulsifier NSE SME13224513-May16-MayClosed
Energy Mission Machineries NSE SME1381309-May13 MayClosed

Previous IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium) – Already Listed IPO GMP 2024

Below is the list of IPOs that are already listed in 2024 with their IPO GMP at that time and Gain/Loss Percentage after the IPO is listed. Below Table will show you why GMP is important while investing in any of the IPO (Initial Public Offering).

IPOsListing DatePriceIPO GMPListing PriceGain/Loss
SRM Contractors03 April₹210₹65₹215+2.50%
Vishwas Agri Seeds01 April₹86₹585-1%
Blue Pebble03 April₹168₹50199+18.5%
Trust Fintech04 April₹101₹40143+42%
TAC Infosec05 April₹106₹80290+173%
Radiowalla05 April₹76₹40120+58%
Yash Optics & Lens08 April₹81₹1590+11%
K2 Infragen08 April₹119₹15167+40.32%
Aluwind Architectural09 April₹45₹10450%
Enfuse Solutions22 March₹96₹10₹115+19%
Royal Sense19 March₹68₹20₹129+89%
Gopal Snacks14 March₹401₹351-12%
Mukka Proteins07 March₹28₹35₹44+57%
Platinum Industries05 March₹171₹100₹225+31%
GPT Healthcare29 Feb₹186₹10₹195+5%
Zenith Drugs27 Feb₹79₹40₹110+39%
Vibhor Steel Tubes20 Feb₹151₹130₹425+181%
Alpex Solar15 Feb₹115₹90₹329+186%
Rashi Peripherals14 Feb₹311₹40₹339+9%
BLS E-Services06 Feb₹135₹150₹305+125%
DelaPlex 02 Feb₹192₹120₹309+61%
Nova AgriTech31 Jan₹41₹15₹55+34%
Addictive Learning (Lawsikho)30 Jan₹140₹175₹310+121%
Jyoti CNC Automation16 Jan₹331₹45₹370+11%


IPO GMP or GMP refers to “Grey Market Premium” in relation to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). GMP describes the premium at which shares of a company are traded in the grey market prior to their official listing on the stock exchange.

And Grey Market or Secondary Market refers to market where shares of an upcoming IPO are traded before their listing. GMP is a measure of market sentiment about an IPO initial public offering. It provides an idea to people, how investors are viewing that company potential and their valuation once they are listed.

Importance of GMP

GMP is a good way to determine the market trend about an IPO. A high IPO GMP indicates strong interest and expectation of investors towards that IPO and a low GMP indicates Lack of interest and belief towards that IPO. While Investing in IPO, you should not only check GMP but also have to check company previous financial records. How the company is performing in their previous years, services offered by them, their relations with clients and how they are performing locally as well as globally.

How to calculate GMP of IPO?

To calculate Grey Market Premium – GMP of an IPO, you need two prices:

  • Grey Market Price of IPO – Obtain this price from brokers or dealers who participate in grey market or from online sources.
  • IPO Price – Price at which company is offering its shares to the public IPO.

Once you have both the prices, you can easily calculate GMP using the below formula:

GMP = ( ( Grey Market Price − IPO Price ​) / IPO Price ) × 100%

For Example: Let Grey Market Price of an IPO is Rs 500 and IPO Price or the Price Company offered the Share is Rs 400.

then GMP = (( 500 – 400 ) / 400 ) × 100% = (100 / 400 ) * 100% = 25%.

So 25% is the GMP of that IPO.

What are the factors that affect IPO GMP?

Several Factors affect GMP of an IPO. Few of these are:

  • Company Fundamentals: Revenue Growth, Profit, Growth Prospects and overall Performance of the company.
  • Company Valuation: Difference between the company’s IPO price and perceived valuation.
  • Industry Trends: Investor perceptions towards specific sector or industry.
  • Demand and Supply: Balance between the demand and supply of IPO Shares.
  • Market Speculation: Speculation and rumors towards the IPO in the market.

FAQ’s Related to IPO GMP

  1. What is GMP in IPO?

    GMP is “Grey Market Premium” in terms of IPO which indicates the premium at which shares of a company are being traded in Grey Market before their Public Listing.

  2. What is Grey Market?

    Grey Market is a market where shares of a company are traded unofficially before their Public Listing on Stock Exchange.

  3. Can I sell my IPO immediately on the listing day?

    Yes, You can even sell the IPO on the day of Listing in Stock Exchange.

  4. What is Subject to Sauda?

    “Sauda” translates to “Transaction” in English. Subject to Sauda in Grey Market means an agreement to buy or Sell an IPO has been made but the transaction is conditional, depend upon final pricing and shares allocation.

  5. At what time we can sell IPO shares?

    You can sell IPO Shares from 10:00 a.m till 3:30 p.m even on the listing day.

If You have any query regarding IPO or Investing In Any IPO, Feel Free To Reach Us Anytime on our Social Handles. We Will Surely get back to you at earliest.

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