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IPO Subscription Status – Daily Subscription Update 2024 (BSE & NSE)

IPO Subscription Status 2024
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IPO Subscription Status

Demand for the shares of a company’s IPO, during the subscription period is indicated by IPO Subscription Status. IPO Subscription refers to how many times an IPO is subscribed or investors applied for the shares of that IPO. Mainly there are three type of investors who apply for the IPO. These are QIB (Qualified Institutional Buyers), NII (Non Institutional Buyers) and RII (Retail Individual Investors).

IPO CompanyRII(x)QIB(x)NII(x)Total SubIPO Close Date
GPES Solar SME89.46x2.95x76.14x61.92x19th Jun 2024
United Cotfab SME12.91x0.00x3.20x8.68x19th Jun 2024
ixigo IPO53.95x106.73x110.25x98.10x12th Jun 2024
Sattrix SME37.76x0.00x87.88x70.44x7th Jun 2024
Magenta Lifecare SME778.41x0.00x1145.78x983.19x7th Jun 2024
3C IT SME29.79x0.00x10.63x20.21x7th Jun 2024
Kronox Lab Sciences IPO54.24x89.03x301.92x117.25x5th Jun 2024
TBI Corn SME523.29x81.41x516.50x231.21x4th Jun 2024
Associated Coaters SME494.99x0.00x239.63x371.14x3rd Jun 2024
Aimtron Electronics SME71.62x69.93x202.74x99.24x3rd Jun 2024
Ztech India SME315.59x123.10x832.37x371.39x31st May 2024
Beacon Trusteeship SME502.49x163.86x779.38x465.20x30th May 2024
Vilas Transcore SME151.42x114.64x449.21x204.77x29th May 2024
GSM Foils SME247.10x0.00x259.51x257.30x28th May 2024
Awfis Space Solutions IPO53.23x116.95x129.27x108.17x27th May 2024
Rulka Electricals SME658.32x204.22x1350.15x676.83x21st May 2024
Hariom Atta & SME2556.46x0.00x1432.60x2013.64x21st May 2024
Go Digit General IPO4.27x12.56x7.24x9.60x17th May 2024
Quest Laboratories SME57.63x57.20x184.10x85.26x17th May 2024
Vodafone Idea Limited1.01x19.31x4.54x6.99xApr 22, 2024

IPO Subscription Status List 2024 (Already Listed)

Below is the list of latest IPOs with their Overall Subscription Status. Table Include Name of IPO, Type of IPO, Listing Date of IPO & QIB,NII,RII and Total Subscription of that IPO. You can check the live IPO Subscription Status daily of the newly opened IPOs.

Name of IPOIPOListing DateRII(x)QIB (x)NII (x)Total (x)
ABS Marine ServicesSME21 May, 2024107.45109.4270.75143
Mandeep Auto IndustriesSME21 May, 202490.55061.5577.23
Veritaas Advertising LtdSME21 May, 2024989.45102.44629.56621.60
Aztec Fluids & MachinerySME17 May, 2024228.45108342218.40
Piotex Industries LtdSME17 May, 202493.340115.22107.45
Premier Roadlines LtdSME17 May, 202410290179.75115.21
Bharti HexacomBSE & SME12 April, 202448.5610.52.8229.86
Teerth GopiconNSE SME16 April, 202497.1044.3375.54
DCG Cables & WiresNSE SME16 April, 202411.5321.700.00
K2 InfragenSME8 April, 202423.37113.9640.5051.25
TAC InfosecSME5 April, 2024141.29768.89433.80422.03
Creative Graphics SolutionsSME9 April, 202498.79472.85144.53201.86
Yash Optics & LensSME8 April, 202419.8885.2732.4642.17
RadiowallaSME5 April, 202487.96491.86353.97307.53
SRM ContractorsMainboard3 April, 202459.59214.9446.9786.57
Blue PebbleSME3 April, 202421.7797.3158.4056.32
Jay Kailash NamkeenSME8 April, 20242.3268.9350.940.01
Aspire & InnovativeSME3 April, 20245.2125.6016.3915.17
Vishwas Agri SeedsSME1 April, 202412.8011.5712.21
Trust FintechSME4 April, 202465.38244.4075.10108.55
Aluwind ArchitecturalSME9 April, 20245.2310.718.19
Enfuse SolutionsSME22 March, 202499.97953.21248.40357.28
Krystal Integrated ServicesMainboard21 March, 20247.3245.203.4013.50
Royal SenseSME19 March, 20249.727.328.52
Gopal SnacksMainboard14 March, 202418.42104.229.50
Mukka ProteinsMainboard07 March, 2024189.28250.3958.50136.79
Platinum IndustriesMainboard05 March, 202415114150.9098.97
GPT HealthcareMainboard29 Feb, 202417.30112.448.50
Zenith DrugsSME27 Feb, 2024106.72368139.28179.10
Vibhor Steel TubesMainboard20 Feb, 2024191.41772.49201.52320
Alpex SolarSME15 Feb, 2024141.48502.31351.89324.03
Rashi PeripheralsMainboard14 Feb, 2024151.4566.151162.90
BLS-E ServicesMainboard06 Feb, 2024123.30300236.50162.30
Nova AgriTechMainboard31 Jan, 202481.13233.0380.20113.21
DelaplexSME02 Feb, 202490.91335.23159.90177.78
Fonebox RetailSME02 Feb, 2024138.69820886.30659.40
Konstelec EngineersSME30 Jan, 2024113.80421.35437.67341.80
Addictive Learning Technology
SME30 Jan, 2024116.27414.40301.71273.10
MaxposureSME23 Jan, 2024162.351947.501034987
Medi Assist HealthcareMainboard23 Jan, 202440.1414.83.2016.27
Jyoti CNC AutomationMainboard16 Jan, 202446.3738.3327.5040.40
IBL FinanceSME16 Jan, 20249.9424.0317
Kay Cee EnergySME05 Jan, 2024127.7116691311.101052.40

What happens if the IPO is oversubscribed?

When the IPO is oversubscribed, which means the total demand for shares exceeds the quantity of shares available for subscription. In that case, the company may give institutional investors preference over retail investors or distribute shares to retail investors through a lottery system.

FAQ’s related to IPO Subscription

  1. How to Subscribe an IPO?

    To Subscribe an IPO, one needs a DEMAT account with a registered broker. Once the IPO is open for subscription, you can place your bid according to no of shares offered per lot on the brokers online platform either on website or on app.

  2. Who are QIB Investors In IPO?

    QIBs are Qualified Institutional Buyers. Those investors that meet specific eligibility criteria to participate in IPO. QIB’s generally invest a large amount of capital in IPOs.

  3. Who are NII Investors in IPO?

    NII are Non Institutional Investors that takes part in IPO but do not fall under QIBs. NII includes HNI (High-Net-Worth Individuals), Trusts, Corporates and NRIs (Non Resident Indians).

  4. Who are RII Investors in IPO?

    RII are Retail Individual Investors or Individual Investors or Common People that apply for the IPO (Initial Public Offering). They also plays a major role in IPO process.

  5. What factors should I consider before subscribing to an IPO?

    Before subscribing for an IPO, You should check company financial performance, business model, their achievements, Grey Market Premium for that IPO and purpose of the IPO.

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