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Upcoming IPO

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Upcoming IPO List 2024

Those who want to invest their money and discover what new opportunities are available can use this list of Initial Public Offerings (IPO). Regardless of your level of experience, this IPO list can help you in learning about various industries and making investment decisions.

IPO CompanyIPO Opening DateIPO Closing DateLot SizeAllotment DateIPO Listing Date
Stanley Lifestyles LimitedJun 21, 2024Jun 25, 2024Jun 26, 2024
DEE Development Engineers LimitedJun 19, 2024Jun 21, 202473Jun 24, 2024
Le Travenues Technology LtdJun 10, 2024Jun 12, 2024161Jun 13, 2024
Kronox Lab Sciences LimitedJun 03, 2024Jun 05, 2024110Jun 06, 2024Jun 10, 2024
Kronox Lab Sciences IPOJune 03, 2024June 05, 2024110June 06, 2024June 10, 2024
Awfis Space Solutions LimitedMay 22, 2024May 27, 202439May 28, 2024May 30, 2024
Go Digit General Insurance LimitedMay 15, 2024May 17, 202455May 21, 2024May 23, 2024
Aadhar Housing Finance LimitedMay 08, 2024May 10, 2024May 13, 2024
TBO Tek LimitedMay 08, 2024May 10, 2024May 13, 2024
Indegene LimitedMay 06, 2024May 08, 202433May 09, 2024
JNK India LimitedApr 23, 2024Apr 25, 202436Apr 26, 2024Apr 30, 2024
Bharti Hexacom LimitedApr 03, 2024Apr 05, 202426Apr 08, 2024Apr 12, 2024
Krystal Integrated Services LimitedMar 14, 2024Mar 18, 202420Mar 19, 2024Mar 21, 2024

List of Previous IPOs – Already Listed IPO In 2024

Many businesses have already gone public in 2024, providing investors with a wide range of opportunities in different sectors. In the below table, we have mentioned IPO opening/Close Date, Listing Date, Total Shares in 1 Lot and Price of the 1 Equity Share.

IPOs DateListing DateLot SizePrice
Krystal Integrated14 – 18 March21 March20₹ 715
Gopal Snacks06 – 11 March14 March37₹ 401
R K Swamy04 – 06 March12 March50₹ 288
Mukka Proteins29 Feb – 04 March07 March535₹ 28
Platinum Industries27 – 29 Feb05 March87₹ 171
GPT Healthcare22 – 26 Feb29 Feb80₹ 186
Juniper Hotels21 – 23 Feb28 Feb40₹ 360
Vibhor Steel Tubes13 – 15 Feb20 Feb99₹ 151
Jana Small Finance07 – 09 Feb14 Feb36₹ 414
Capital Small Finance07 – 09 Feb14 Feb32₹ 468
Rashi Peripherals07 – 09 Feb14 Feb48₹ 311
BLS E-Services30 Jan – 01 Feb06 Feb108₹ 135
Nova AgriTech23 – 25 Jan31 Jan365₹ 41
Medi Assist Healthcare15 – 17 Jan23 Jan35₹ 418
Jyoti CNC Automation09 – 11 Jan16 Jan45₹ 331

What is an IPO?

The process by which a privately held company goes public on a stock exchange or you can say, when a business decided to sell a portion of its ownership to the general public is known as an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This allow companies or businesses to raise money from a variety of investors.

After the IPO is listed on the stock exchange either on NSE (National Stock Exchange) or BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), Anyone in the market can buy or sell the shares. Mostly IPO’s are seen as an opportunity by the the investors, to invest their hard earn money in promising companies but there is a risk associated with it also sometimes, as the value of the company share can fluctuate on going public. So it is advised to sell IPO shares on the day of listing as prices can go down also in few days.

Requirements to Apply for an IPO?

To Apply for an IPO, one needed:

  • Demat Account – A Demat or Dematerialized Account is an electronic account that is used to trade and hold electronic securities which includes mutual funds, bonds and stocks.
  • Trading Account – An account that is used to buy and sell securities in the stock market.
  • Bank Account – A bank Account with any of the bank linked with both Demat And Trading Account.
  • Funds – Funds in bank account to apply for the IPO using UPI (Unified Payments Interface).

Advantages to apply in an IPO as an investor?

  • Access to High Growth Companies – Mostly IPO’s are offered by the companies that are in their growth stages and may have creative products or a great business model.
  • Early Gains Possibility – By Investing In IPO, investors have the chance to enter into a company’s market before any competitor giving a fare chance of price appreciation, if company performs well.
  • Diversification – Investors can diversify their portfolio, which help them to reduce the risks associated by investing in different sectors.
  • Liquidity – Investors can sell the shares they In IPO, even on the listing day which helps them to get their money back on the listing day with a decent gain also.
  • Long Term Growth Possibility – Many Companies with great business models have long term growth potential, allowing investors a chance to gain a lot from capital growth over time.

FAQ’s related to IPO

  1. What is the full form of IPO and what is IPO in Hindi ?

    Full Form of IPO is Initial Public Offering. IPO का हिंदी में अर्थ होता है “प्रारंभिक सार्वजनिक प्रस्ताव”.

  2. What is Pre IPO?

    Pre IPO is Period of time before a company has its IPO. During this time, company is not listed in stock exchange and is held privately.

  3. What makes an IPO a wise investment?

    IPO is a wise investment if done correctly. You can invest in IPOs of the companies with good financial condition and having a high demand in Grey Market especially.

  4. What are the Online Platforms available to apply for the IPO?

    Many Online Platforms are available to apply for the IPO such as Zerodha, Upstox, Groww, Angel One etc.

  5. How to check allotment of an IPO?

    To check IPO allotment status, Visit Registrar’s Website. Select your IPO from the List available, Add Your PAN No. or IPO Application Number And Captcha Code. Then Click Submit. You will get your allotment status.

If You have any query regarding IPO or Investing In Any Upcoming IPO, Feel Free To Reach Us Anytime on our Social Handles. We Will Surely get back to you at earliest.

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